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Have a Problem? Q & A


  Q1.Why my order status display  "Check out " , But i have paid  by paypal ?

A1. 22goods : Sorry for some case action will delay the display of  payment status , "Paid" will change due 12-24hours .


  Q2.Ref. Address for shipping  ?

A2. 22goods : All send out item address from PAYPAL payment . Please contact me if change .


  Q3.What way  tracking  my shipping Detail ?

A3. 22goods : Item shipped after ,message will send to you by E-mail and mark on data base, detail with shipped date and tracking number .



  Q4. What time the product arrive my address?

A4. Post office will take 7~15 work days for arrived  , DHL and EMS will take 4~7 work days for arrived.
      Some of bulk order , shipping will change by DHL or EMS , Please contact for not change DHL/EMS , reason
      by country customs.




  Q5. We live in ITALY ,Why shipping time is too slow?

A5.Our record ,Radio order ,ITALY customs is very busy, Some of case , They received product was take 1~2 month by air mail , 
     This is problem of ITALY customs, not post office . If want fast , please extra money for DHL speed post.

When make radio by order , Please contact us when you live in ITALY .


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3) Choose Shipping and Handling . 

4) And then push button "Add item(s) to cart  " . 

5) Push " My Cart: " .

6) Purchase page , press " NEXT " or press " shopping " .

7) Purchase page , press choose " PAYMENT " and " SHIPPING " and then click " Submit " . 

8) Push "   "PayPal"   (payment processed by paypal or VISA card) .

9) Login to your PAYPAL account for get payment .


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